Get This Thing Offa Me!

Three legged Wyatt Ray Dawg wonders why his humans need to make him wear a Gentle Leader head collar.

I really feel stupid in this snout leash. I don’t know why Mom and Dad use it on me. They say it’s because I walk too fast when I’m on leash.

But that’s  just because I’m so dang excited to get out there and start checking my pee-mail. They just don’t get it.

This thing is making me look bad. And it’s leaving a dent in my snout too, ruining my charming, youthful looks. Sometimes they take it off me and say “OK Wyatt, let’s see if you can be good.” But as soon as  I pull ahead or leap about, they try to strangle me with it. When I go after rolled up newspapers, or try to chase a rabbit, they get all mad and put it right back on me. Go figure.

I heard them tell another two-legger once, “We used it on Jerry too and couldn’t walk him without it for the first 5 years. Agggh!

Then we met a quiet 13 year old bitch who’s people said I need a choke collar. I kept barking at her nonstop, but she wouldn’t tell me anything about that, or what a pinch collar is either.

Anyway, how on earth am I going to train these silly humans? I am not wearing this thing for five more years.

I am Dog. Hear me Roar!