Get This Thing Offa Me!

Three legged Wyatt Ray Dawg wonders why his humans need to make him wear a Gentle Leader head collar.

I really feel stupid in this snout leash. I don’t know why Mom and Dad use it on me. They say it’s because I walk too fast when I’m on leash.

But that’s  just because I’m so dang excited to get out there and start checking my pee-mail. They just don’t get it.

This thing is making me look bad. And it’s leaving a dent in my snout too, ruining my charming, youthful looks. Sometimes they take it off me and say “OK Wyatt, let’s see if you can be good.” But as soon as  I pull ahead or leap about, they try to strangle me with it. When I go after rolled up newspapers, or try to chase a rabbit, they get all mad and put it right back on me. Go figure.

I heard them tell another two-legger once, “We used it on Jerry too and couldn’t walk him without it for the first 5 years. Agggh!

Then we met a quiet 13 year old bitch who’s people said I need a choke collar. I kept barking at her nonstop, but she wouldn’t tell me anything about that, or what a pinch collar is either.

Anyway, how on earth am I going to train these silly humans? I am not wearing this thing for five more years.

I am Dog. Hear me Roar!

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

11 thoughts on “Get This Thing Offa Me!”

  1. Oh silly Wyatt dawg… You’re going to give your pawrents gray hair! 🙂

    My brother Wolfie gave my mom gray hairs… but I never did… Must be a german shepherd thing, eh?

    If you keep it up, maybe one of these days your pawrents are going to drive you over to meet with Cesar Millan… the famous dog whisperer… Hey… if you get to be on TV with him… that would be some great free publicity for Tripawds!

    Angel Jake

  2. Oh Wyatt….my humans make me wear a gentle leader too and I hate it, I try to rub it off. They make me wear it because I pulled Mommy down running after a squirrel when I first came to live with them!! She had to have a shoulder operation after that……oh well, the only good thing is when it is on I get to go for a walk and I love that!!
    Love and licks, Paris

  3. Hey Wyatt

    Well I went and developed OSA so my mum accepted the fact that I will never “learn to walk on-leash” as she calls it. Plus if you don’t “learn to walk on-leash” you have a much better chance of spending more time “OFF-LEASH” (YAYAYAYAYAY).

    If we are nice dogs, why does it matter? Apparently my predescessor, the famous Orko, learned to walk politely on-leash the first time he was on one, and he was a shepherd cross. That ain’t my style.

    So don’t be brain-washed by those silly humans.

    I plan to Counter-Surf, Roll in Stinky Things, Eat Horse Poo and Pull as Hard as I can until the very end. Sounds like you should talk your parents into sending into sending you to Camp Tazzie.

  4. Eww! My mom has one of those for me, too. It’s the only way I’ll walk without pulling. It works great, but mom hasn’t been putting it on me lately–since I’ve broken both a tie-out and a collar from chasing squirrels. She’s afraid I’ll break the gentle leader, too. She uses one of those nylon slip-collars now. I pull, but at least I won’t back out or break a buckle. Whenever I’ve worn the gentle leader, though, I spent most of my time trying to rub it off. People on the street pet me and I rub up against them. They think I’m being affectionate, but I’m really just using them to escape that thing!

  5. What about the tripawd ruffwear harness? Doesn’t that work instead of any other sort of leash and collar arrangement.

    Speaking of which, someone today asked why Tazzie was wearing a harness. I hesitated and then pointed out that he had three legs (I guess they had noticed that much already), then tried to justify it with all the snow and ice we have not been getting . . .

    If I, Tazzie King of Lumps, were to vote, it would be to “Let Wyatt be FREE”. Hey, isn’t there a movie by that name “Free Wyatt”!

  6. I use to wear one of those stupid things! I have learned not to pull as much now and so I graduated to not wearing it. My brother still wears his on every walk. Mom brings my halti with us sometimes when we go to CSU because I really pull when I see all of my friends. I like to show my Dr. how strong I am with only three legs! It is fun to make her run when she is wearing hi-heels!!!

  7. Oh you guys are making my Mom giggle, you are all so funny! Let’s all go to Camp Tazzie and start a protest movement to free all dogs of these stupid head collars! They make us look so bad, and not in a good way like Codie and her prong collar.

    Tazzie, I wear the Harness too, every single day, but I’m so big and strong, Mom says the head collar thing is the only thing that keeps me from dragging her down the street. What she doesn’t know is that I wouldn’t drag her if she would just let me run freeeeeeeee…..duh!

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