Slave to the Man

Three legged German Shepherd dog Wyatt Ray works hard as Tripawds ambassador.

When Codie Rae told me I was going to a new home, she did not tell me that it was under the condition that I work off my room and board. I think she was trying to get rid of me because she knew that Mister Perfect Travis Ray was coming for a permanent visit.

Since I’ve been a part of this crazy pack, I’ve made videos, worked in the blazing hot sun as an ambassador, gone on hospital tours and now, I’ve been subjected to starvation for the sake of another hinky Tripawds contest.

The other day my pawrents put my food bowl in front of me. Thinking that perhaps there was something edible inside of it, I jumped in and took a big bite of  . . . paper! They said I was picking a winner or something.

Geez. How low can they go?

Then again, I guess it ain’t all bad. We’ve left California and are now in another desert, in Arizona. I’ve never been to Arizona, so I guess there’s one perk of this Tripawds Ambassador job.

Hmmmm….I guess it ain’t so bad after all.

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

15 thoughts on “Slave to the Man”

  1. Paper we love to eat paper! Of course it doesn’t take the place of food, but it is fun to eat and watch Mom try to take it out of our mouths 🙂 ! You look angry in that picture!!

    Dillon and Rhys

  2. Dude…that’s a wickedly cool face you’re making. Looks like you were about to bite the hand that fed you that paper!

  3. Love the paper eating picture – that look on your face is a classic! If it makes you feel any better, Mackenzie’s little brother Kobe loves to eat paper and if he got a bowl of paper he would have scoffed it right down, thinking that it was a special dinner or something. So see, you’re much smarter than that.
    Stay cool and have fun on your next adventure!

  4. LOL. Catie’s a famous paper-chewer. She doesn’t eat it; just chews it up and leaves trails of little bits of debris all over the house (she’s especially fond of tissue, clean, used, whatever). Clearly she knows it’s not edible but she keeps doing it anyways.

    Note from Riley: Wyattraydawg, I’m with ya, buddy. Filling your food dish with paper is lower than low. Sheesh.

  5. Wyatt – you know who would fight you over that paper food?

    You got it! … Monkeybutt – the Keeper of the Krumbs!

    Okay, I have to be nice, mommy is beside me in my avatar (for now). Don’t worry, she’ll be gone soon. I’ve just been helping out Mr. Jimdawg Linksalot.

    -Trying to be nice Comet

  6. Comet,

    I wish you had a regular blog spot. I keep having to chase you around the tripawd website. Sheesh. What’s the plan? The longer we wait the bigger monkeybutt gets and the less likely we will be able to defeat him. By the way, cool save on Dillon’s blog. You’re kind of scary. You were really convincing talking nice to Rhys. We need a new photo of monkeybutt for our files…I’ll bet he has grown a bit. Opie aka AMBF drummer (though I really want to switch to saxophone.)

  7. Hey OP,
    Even if I did have a blog, who says I’d “friend” you? Harharharhar!
    Oh, you know I’m just foolin’ with ya’! Everyone knows I heart Opie!

    Rocket, a.k.a. Monkeybutt hasn’t changed any. He still has an ugly monkeybutt!!!!

    Look at poor Wyatt up there. Being the Tripawd Ambassador sucks!!!

  8. Oooh oooh oooh, I LOVE ice cubes. Dad gives me some every night and I chomp on them and daintily dribble (ok slobber) water all over my chin and the kitchen floor. I LOVE ice cubes!!! Shelby

  9. Hey Wyatt…….do you know what the Tripawd labor laws are in Arizona? Better watch out for those pawrents of yours…lol!

    Paris loved to eat ice, she thought it was a treat, but with no calories! Addy just looks at me as if to say….why should I eat hard cold frozen water??!!

  10. Tripawd labor laws state that we must be paid with three pounds of treats for every one hour worked. So my pawrents tried to pay me in ice cubes, again. Well, they ain’t gonna get away wiith that one anytime soon! That’s OK though. The ice tasted like the food that was in the cooler. Addy will figure that one out eventually.

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