Strong willful crazy three legged dog Wyatt Ray needs a prong collar to help stop leash pulling.

Remember back when I told you how the Gentle Leader is a great nose hair removal tool? Well, it works so well that I lost tons of mine, and my nose was getting so bald that Mom and Dad said “Hey Wyatt, guess what? You don’t have to wear the Gentle Leader anymore!

Huh? Really! Woooowweeeee! I jumped for joy.

Then they took me to a pet store. I made sure to run in there as hard as I could to tell everypawdy the news.

Mom and Dad walked me right over to the leashes and collars. Man, I was so hoppy! “I’m getting new bling!” I said to myself.

I got new bling alright.

It came in the form of this really shiny metal collar that has sticky things all round it. I thought “Wow, I’m gonna look like a badass!”  Come on Dad, put it on me!

So he does. And guess what? He turns the collar around, and puts the sticky things  on the inside. I’m like “Huh?”

When Dad says “This is the one,” we go up to the register, where a nice lady gave me a bunch of treats. I think she knew what was coming and felt sorry for me.

We walked outside with my new reversible badass collar. I was feeling kinda crazy, and ran over to the truck ahead of Dad. But as soon as I did . . .I felt a pull and then the metal things went thwack!


I’ve been pronged!

Mom said she feels bad, that she never ever thought she would have to use one of these things on a dog of hers.

But I told Mom, “no worries Ma, I’m one of a kind, Mister Original!”

All those things you “thought” about dogs, well, throw them out the window because there is only one . . .

Wyatt. Ray. Dawg.

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

11 thoughts on “Pronged!”

  1. Dawg…I feel your prong! I learned really fast to mind my Pulls and Quick-darts! The good news is u will to, then no more pinch and prong.

    PS… Where did your pawrents find that big honking tennis ball? Mom found me a smaller one at Petco, but I prefer the monsters like my jolly ball!

  2. ouch!!! hopefully this is a temporary affair you poooor little mannnnn… if boys would behave, they wouldn’t have to suffer the consequences…i’m just saying, girls understand how to behave and how to listen to their pawrents…just saying…..

  3. Aww. Poor Wyatt. Tell your moms to gets you the black rubber thingeys for the prongses, my moms has to use the prongs on my brother sometimes. At least it makes you look like a badboy. You know how girls lovses the badboys…….

    Luvs, Rosie

  4. All the badass dogs wear those prongy collars. Riley and Catie have them too, although I’ve retired Catie’s since she doesn’t really need hers any more. Riley however is a different story. On the leash he’s still badass all the way.

    And that is one huge tennis ball.

  5. Wyatt –
    Don’t worry buddy, I save you if mom and dad get carried away and decide to slow you down by removing another leg!

    OH CRUD! I may have put a thought into their head!
    The domain name is even available! Oh no!

    Sorry Wyatt. My bad.

  6. I’m sorry, but if Opie had ever got a look at that mondo tennis ball he would surely have to say, “Bwwwwaaaaahahahahahahahahahah.” Hang in there Wyatt.
    Opie’s Mom

  7. Yah isn’t the big tennis ball the best? I don’t know where it came from, it was at a dog park in the toy basket! Can you believe that? I guess that park had never seen the likes of ME before because if I had gotten to play with it one more minute I might have shredded it.

    I’m doing better on the prong. Mom did try the black rubber thingies but you know, they call them “comfort tips” for a reason. Hah! I didn’t feel a THING when she put them on! So Dad took them off right away.

    Bipawds, eh Comet? Gee, thanks, Mom’s wheels are already spinning!

  8. I’m such a good boy that mom has never had to use the prong collar on ME!! Now my brother Echo, well he was a different story. I thought I heard mom say one night she was going to have to SHARPEN THE PRONGS!! EEEEEEKKKKKK…In fact, I don’t usually even have to be on a LEASH anymore….I don’t know what a ticket is, but Mom and the other pawrents we meet keep joking about it (Mom says she is going to play the handicapped card)….so maybe Wyatt, when you get to be an older dog, and a titch more sedate, you can hang up the prong … let’s see, Echo was 12 and was still wearing it…hmmmm

  9. I always wondered if I should get one of those collars for Mackenzie’s little brother Kobe who is wild on a leash. My petsitter who also has a German Shepherd uses it and has recommended it for Kobe too (my sweet little golden monster boy). I see lots of dogs with those collars on, so must work! Let us know how you do…at least you got a gigantic tennis ball out of the deal!

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