Skwerl. Must. Go.

Three-legged German Shepherd Wyatt hunts for rodents and squirrels on a ranch in the mountains of southwestern Colorado.

Mister Skwerl, why must you torment me? Every day when I patrol the ranch, you taunt me from up above in the tall trees with your ear-splitting voice, calling out “Wyatt! Wyatt! Wyatt!

I’ve been nice to you so far. All I’ve done is chased you up a tree a few times. Hey, I thought you liked exercise.

But now that your measly little teeth are chewing the insides of my big truck, you’ve gone too far.

Codie Rae and Spirit Yoda, hear my plea.

This. Means. War.


Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

6 thoughts on “Skwerl. Must. Go.”

  1. Oh no, when Mr. Skwerl starts messing with the truck, the .22 might need to make an appearance. It’s fun when it’s just a run and chase thing…..not when repairs start adding up on the truck its not so fun. GET IT DONE WYATT!

  2. Wyatt! Dude! Ya gotta learn to manifest the Bark o’ Doom! With the Bark o’ Doom you can blow them skwirls right outta those trees. They will be on the ground and totally stunned so ya can then proceed with the destuffing at your leisure.

    Bark o’ Doom: How to tips and guidelines
    Step 1: Find a skwirl in a tree
    Step 2: Close your eyes and look inward
    Step 3: Gather all your energy and focus, focus, focus
    Step 4: Take a deep breath in and hold it
    Step 5: Open your eyes, focus on that sqwirl
    Step 6: Let. Loose. the. Bark. o’ Doom!!!!! Waaaaaaroooooof!!!!!
    Bang! Done!

    p.s. Me ‘n the OP got your back–see my blog for details……..

  3. Lol…..I am sort of getting the vision of Bill Murray in Caddyshack with this swkerl issue! That picture on Codie Rae’s comment reminded me of him hunting for the gopher.

    I think there needs to be step 4.5 above: BE THE SKWERL!!!

  4. Codie, my dad says this is impawsible:
    “Step 3: Gather all your energy and focus, focus, focus”
    He says I got no focus!

    I’ll get that rodentbutt, just you guys wait. Nopawdy’s messin wid my truck!

  5. Oh, Wyatt,

    Rio totally woulda taken out that skwirl by now. She was rodent-death (even) on three legs. Girl could shred some gopher, mole, vole, chipmunk, spider — you name it. If she could catch it (and usually that was no problemo), she kilt it!

    Channel a little Rio, and see how you fare!

    Rio’s momma

  6. That’s a pretty bemused look you got going there Wyatt.

    Of course I’ve never seen a skwerl but I have caught the odd bird, lizard and possum.

    You just have to be patient. Sit and wait. Let that skwerl think you aren’t watching it. Keep waiting…. and waiting… and waiting….
    And then pounce!

    Spirit Magnum

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