The Rodent Patrol

Three-legged dog Wyatt performs rodent patrol at his Colorado dude ranch.

The coyotes don’t sing like they used to here at the ranch. I think they’re disappearing. And that’s the reason why skwirells are showing up again. And again.

But fear not. The Rodent Patrol is here.

The job of the Skwirell Sheriff has become ever more important as skwirells over-run us. They are chewing through the fluffy stuff inside our truck engine. They must be stopped.


Heeerrrre skwirly skwirl. C’mere, I have something for you.


Come on skwirly skwirl, you can trust me.

Skwerl. Must. Go.

Three-legged German Shepherd Wyatt hunts for rodents and squirrels on a ranch in the mountains of southwestern Colorado.

Mister Skwerl, why must you torment me? Every day when I patrol the ranch, you taunt me from up above in the tall trees with your ear-splitting voice, calling out “Wyatt! Wyatt! Wyatt!

I’ve been nice to you so far. All I’ve done is chased you up a tree a few times. Hey, I thought you liked exercise.

But now that your measly little teeth are chewing the insides of my big truck, you’ve gone too far.

Codie Rae and Spirit Yoda, hear my plea.

This. Means. War.