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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

Travelin’ Tripawd Dawg Goes Cross Country

June 13th, 2015 · 9 Comments · My Adventures

What the heck were Mom and Dad thinking when they put us in a van and hit the road last month?


Why didn’t they take our dog house on wheels? I don’t know, they shouldda. We were crammed in the van like sardines!


They kept saying “It stinks like a kennel in here!” I kinda like that smell but whatev.

We went from Colorado to Tennessee and stopped at all kinda places. Iowa was one of my favorites. That’s where we met Michelle, Angel Sassy’s Mom, in Iowa. She is so nice! She took some of the pictures here.  Thanks Michelle!

My people like to go to crazy places. This weird thing in Iowa is for looking at the planets and the stars.

It started to get hot. Good thing we found the Illinois River!

Watch out. There’s more stories from the road as soon as Dad gets all the pictures off the camera!



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  • benny55

    Awww, loving these!!!!

    Wyatt, your life is one big adventure, that’s for sure!
    And it’s wonderful that you get to meet such great humans like Michelle!

    As far as your van smelling a little “kennelish”…ahhh…the finest scent in the land!

    Tell your Dad if he had a tavlet, he could get the pictures onto here mich faster…..or not! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • Michelle

    Wyatt, it was wonderful meeting you, your mom & dad. I thought you behaved really well and were a major hit here. Thank you for stopping to meet me. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see more of your trip


    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • mom2shelby

    Oh I love this!!!! We also LOVE to find ‘weird’ photo opps! This is so amazing.. can’t wait to meet you all some day!

  • leland4

    It looks like you all had an amazing road trip! Can’t wait for more of the story to come and pics too. Glad everyone had safe travels!

    Sahana and her Angel Leland and Lucian too

  • BartsMom

    Love these photos!!

  • Codie Rae

    More stories from your road trip pleeeeeze!

  • wyattraydawg

    Heee hee! Just wait, I have SO much to tell you guys!

  • wyattraydawg

    Thanks for being so nice to me Michelle, you are a good friend. I can’t wait to see you again.

  • wyattraydawg

    Great humans like YOU, Miss Sally! When you gonna come out to Colorado to see us eh?

    I know, my people need a tavlet, definitely.

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