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Way To Go Wyatt

The Tripawds Leg-a-cy Continues!

Way To Go Wyatt

I’ve Been Everywhere, Man (Again!)

May 27th, 2016 · 5 Comments · My Adventures

Hot weather is no place for a snow dawg like me. I spent the last couple of months in a hot, hot place  . . . they call it “Texas.” It was way too hot for me. Apparently it was hot for Mom and Dad too, they liked to sip many cold drinks while we were there.

German Shepherd, Wyatt, Tripawd

Come on Dad, gimme!

My people took the dog house to cool places and sure, I had some good times. Like when I patrolled the Rio Grande, again!

German Shepherd, Rio Grande, Texas, Tripawd

Who needs a wall when you’ve got Wyatt Ray Dawg?

And then I got to shred the half-pipe.

German Shepherd Skater Dog

Who needs a skateboard?

On the way north, we went to this pretty church. I said a prayer for Spirit Jerry and all my Tripawd pals.

German Shepherd, Wyatt, Tripawd, New Mexico, Chimayo

Can you hear me Jerry?

And now it’s time to head back to the Ranch, where I get to patrol alllll day long and not break a sweat (Ok, yeah I know dogs don’t sweat, but you humans know what I mean). I can’t wait! I hope you’ll join me.

Adios, Texas.

Tripawd German Shepherd Ruffwear boots

“Coolorado here I come!”


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  • Michelle

    Yay Wyatt. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Keep cool and do your sheriff stuff at the Ranch. Oh don’t chase too many wild creatures there either lol

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  • benny55

    You really have been everywhere man! And thanks, I can’t get that song out of my head! It’s a good one though!

    And we love that you share your adventures with us through pictures…and they are ALWAYS great pictures!!

    You are such a talented multi tasker!

    Don’t need no stinkin’ wall with Wyatt around!
    Don’t need no stinkin’ skateboard with Tripawd Whatt!
    Don’t need no stinkin straw for your Margarita!

    BtW, you look adorable in your booties! Yep, that’s right…ADORABLE!!

    Lots of love!

  • linda8115

    You always make me smile Wyatt Ray! You are one happy guy! Course when Sally said you were adorable in your booties I’ll bet that wiped the smile off your face didn’t it big guy? She must not know that big tall sheriffs like you are stunningly handsome not adorable hu? Thanks for sharing!

  • wyattraydawg

    Yep, I’m really hoppy now because we’re out of that hot desert!

    Adorable? Me? Well, I guess I’ll take what I can get. 😉


  • mom2shelby

    We love hearing about your adventures and of course, seeing photos of your handsome self!!! I hear ya… Texas is TOO hot! Enjoy the ranch!

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