They Lied to Me. But I’m Still Having Fun.

Tripawd Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray reports back from his Ruffwear visit and wonders why it’s so warm when mom promised that summer in Alaska would be nice and cool.

My people lied to me. “Oh Wyatt, you will love it in Alaska,” they said. “The weather is much cooler in summer, you will love the nicer temperatures.”

Burke Lake, Quincy WA
Um, summer, nobody asked you to come here.

They said we were going there, but we’re a long ways away still. And I guess we’re really going, because the dog house keeps moving every week or so. But we’re not there yet, and last time I checked the weather man said it would be 85 degrees here in Washington state (that’s 29 degrees to you, Stewie!).

See I hate the hot weather. Look at my fur, people. It’s not easy wearing a dark fur coat. Can you blame me for feeling miserable when summer rolls around? It sure feels like summer right now.

Washington Sinclair Dino
I want to take the Dino to Alaska. Mom said no.

Other than the unbearable weather, so far it’s been a fun ride. In Oregon I got to strut my stuff at Ruffwear. Me and my people crashed their Cinco de Mayo pawty! See the guy next to my paw? That’s Patrick, the guy who started Ruffwear! And next to him is Kyle, he’s the man who gets Ruffwear orders to Tripawds around the globe!

Ruffwear Headquarters
Ruffwear people are as cool as we thought they would be.

I asked my paw if we could make our rolling dog house look like this. He said no.

Ruffwear HQ Bend, OR
Coolest Dawghouse. Ever.

Best of all, I got to meet Angel Skyla’s mom, Rae, and her mellow ol’ brother, Clyde.

Ruffwear Headquarters
I had a lot to say to Clyde.

Mom tells me to be patient. “I promise Wyatt, the weather will cool off. Just wait!” Sure, I say. I’ll believe it when I see it. Maybe when Stewie and I meet up in a few weeks.

I will report back then.

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

One thought on “They Lied to Me. But I’m Still Having Fun.”

  1. Hey, Hey Wyatt! Stewie here!!

    I can completely understand and empathize with your dislike of the heat buddy! If you think that 85 degrees is bad try suffering through 32 degrees (89+ degrees for you Amuricans! 😉
    But you Ruv swimming don’t you Wyatt?! There is a massive puddle at the bottom of my garden, you can cool down lots there! I don’t like the water, so I’ll just watch!

    Wyatt, go back and steal that Dinosaur, we could both bark our heads off at that!!! That would scare the bear off my property for sure! I’ve just been barking him off for you Wyatt! You and I are going to gang up on that bear and he won’t come back till fall! (Be sure to bring your bear bangers with you!!)

    Those Ruffwear guys are cool! I mean they design some pretty cool stuff don’t they?! Your the perfect model Wyatt Dawg!

    Tell you Paw that you want at least a massive picture of you on the side of your mobile dog house, people would know your coming then!

    You’re very close now Wyatt, we get to meet soon! I’m sorry to say that it is going to get warmer before it starts to cool down for you Pal. Just bear with it and you’ll get to romp into Alaska soon!

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