Watch Out Where the Shepherds Go

Three legged hero Wyatt Ray Dawg discovers the joys of playing in powdery white stuff.

Winter WyattSomeone pinch me and tell me I’m having a doggy dream. I woke up today and thought “oh good, time for a walk.” I figured we’d do the usual morning run up the  hill.

But then Dad opened the door, and wooooaaaaah!

The dirt was gone. There was this white powder everywhere! I stepped in it and it was cold, and wet, and blowing all over me!

I played in it, I peed in it, I ate it (not in that order!), and had so much fun in it.

But what exactly is this stuff? And how come I shouldn’t eat it if it’s yellow?

Stronger Every Day

Three legged amputee dog shows his recovery video while playing in the Colorado mountains.

For anyone not too familiar with having a new Tripawd around, my Dad wants to show you what it’s like. He’s going to take regular videos of me to show my progress as I recuperate from my amputation, which was back in July.

Mom says we’re gonna focus on building up my strength After all, it’s not easy moving from that backyard where I was tied up in Oakland, CA, to the Colorado mountains at 8400′. But I’m getting stronger every day. I can do 40 minute hikes before I get tired (Mom says she can tell I’m getting tired when my back leg starts getting lower and lower on my walks). Mom and Dad always carry water when we walk, because I do like to stop for quick breaks. I let my humans know, by just plopping my butt down on the road, and not moving for a minute.

Here’s a video my Dad took of me just a few weeks ago, the day after the Tripawds pawty! See how strong I’m getting?

Hey Everypawdy!

Wyatt give big shout out for Tripawds three legged dog play on words reference.

Check it out! Admin just started a three legged lexicon discussion in the shout outs forum. Tripawds member storm suggested the idea after noticing all the fun plays on words by three legged dog lovers in this ongoing thread celebrating Tanner’s ten month ampuversary.

I think that deserves a big shout out indeed! Great ideas from everypawty here in the forums and blogs makes Tripawds such a great community. Thank you all for your continued suppawrt. OK, that may be reaching a bit. But I’ll be hoppy to add everypawty.

Can you think of any pawsible words or phrases to add? OOF, There’s another one! 🙂

Three Legged Couch Surfin’ at the Office

Three legged amputee hero Wyatt Ray Dawg plays Chief Fun Officer at Agreda Communications.

Mom and Dad work at home all day, and when they’re on their computers, there’s no stopping them. Not even if I toss a Hol-ee Roller in their laps, or look cute, or anything! Well, unless I’ve gotta go potty, of course. Then they get up and take me outside.

So whatever, I don’t fight it. I just do what comes naturally to me, and sleep all day long. I can be a big couch potato between 10 am and 5pm. But come 5pm, I’m awake and rearin’ to go again!

If it wasn’t for me, their paws would be banging away on those things all day and into the night.

Thank Dog that humans have us around to remind them about what’s really important.