Fun with Dipper at the Reno Dog Park

Video with three legged german Shepherd puppy Wyatt and Dipper playing at Rancho San RAfael off leash dog park in Reneo NV.

It is often asked in the discussion forums how we tripawd dogs do at the dog park. Well, before we left Fernley, NV I got to go to the biggest dog park I’ve ever seen in Reno.

There was about 20 acres to run around, but I chose to keep playing in one spot with this cute gal dog I met…

Dipper was a big girl who liked to play ruff. We took turns being Alpha, and had lots of fun. I got really good and tired, so my peeps could trust me alone in the truck while they enjoyed a long buffet brunch. I was sacked out the whole time and didn’t feel like doing any damage. But they didn’t even bring me any leftovers!

A Ten Legged Furry Family Reunion

Wyatt sees his German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California foster family in Colorado.

Before we left Colorado, my pals Codie Rae and Smokey came to visit me, all the way from California!

This is the crazy bunch I lived with last summer before my Mom and Dad took me home with them.

I never thought I would see that rowdy bunch again. When they pulled into my driveway, I went craaaaaaazy!

We played for three days straight. It was like a non-stop doggie rave.

Bark! Bark! Woof! Bark! ! Wooooooof!!!

I’m telling ya, non-stop! Codie Rae was so hoppy to see me, she leaped five feet into the air.

As you can see in my movie, we had a crazy time. I can’t wait to see them again, maybe after Christmas when we have another Northern California Tripawds Pawty.

Home Cooking is Good for My Belly

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt eats home cooked dog food from the Whole Pet Diet book.

Spots Stew Home Cooked Dog FoodSince I came to live with Mom and Dad, they’ve been feeding me a combination of home cooked dinners, and premium kibble for breakfast. I love any kind of food, I really don’t care what I eat, it’s all good to me.

But Mom and Dad are now saying I’m going to eat nothing but home cooked  and raw foods from now on. Mom read this book, The Whole Pet Diet, that has all kinds of cool recipes in it, and the dirt about what’s really in dog food. My cousins also eat nothing but home cooked food based on the recipes in this book, and they love it.

Wyatt Eats Spot's StewSo here’s a photo of some turkey stew that Mom made for me. She cooks big batches about once a week, just for me!

And here’s a picture of me eating it. Dad laughed his head off when Mom put it down, he thought I wouldn’t want to eat anything that looked that disgusting.

But here I am, licking the bowl clean. I’m pretty spoiled aren’t I?

WyattFinishesDinnerThis is good stuff. I know it is, because I have the softest, shiniest fur now, and no more itchy skin or bad breath.

Look out ladies, here I come!

Gettin’ Rowdy with the Dawgs

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt plays at the dog park two months after his leg amptuation.

OK, Jerry, I got off my tail and posted tonight.

So, here’s a video of me on September 19th, just over two months past my amputation. Can you tell? Do I look tired? Ha! No way. I walked a mile, then stopped at this pawesome dog park to have a good romp with my pals. I sure showed them what a Tripawd can do!

Oh, you can thank my Dad for the gangsta rap music. I think he thought I was homesick for Oakland.

Playing Nice with Others at the Morris K9K Walk

Three legged rescue tripod dog Wyatt plays at the Estes Dog Park and at the Morris Animal Foundation K9K Canine Cancer Walk in Colorado.

On September 19th, my pawrents and I went to the Morris Animal Foundation K9K Walk to Cure Canine Cancer.

I was proud to be there representing the Colorado branch of Team Tripawds. I could feel my Spirit Brother Jerry there with us, hopping right along with all the cool dog pawrents and dogs, all raising money and doing their best to find a cure to that nasty disease. 

The walk wasn’t all sadness though. There was an awesome dog park right next to the route, which no dog in his right mind could resist.

Even with all that walking I did, I wasn’t too tired to play with these rowdy pups!

Thanks everyone, for helping out Team Tripawds and the Morris Animal Foundation raise $15,562 to help with canine cancer research.

Once again, I showed Mom and Dad that I can play nice with other dogs, even four legged ones.

 See, I told ya so!