The Oaktown Pack Runs Again

Wyatt Ray visits with the Oaktown Pack for a three legged German Shepherd Smackdown!

So my peeps took me on a long winding road trip after visiting the big boring city, and I had no idea what was about to happen.

Wyatt Ray Dog at Golden Gate Bridge

We hooked up with my homies from the Oaktown Pack!

The Oaktown Pack Three Legged German Shepherds

We hadn’t all been together in a while so we had to pose for lots of pictures.

Oaktown Pack Three Legged German Shepherds

But we did get to run around a lot, so I showed Austin Ray my new ball.

Oaktown pack Three legged german Shepherds

Then we had to pose for more pictures, because we’re so good lookin’ ya know.

Oaktown Pack Three Legged German Shepherds

And some smartypants put my ball up a tree.

Three Legged German Shepherds Tree a Soccer Ball

Maybe it was the skwirl.

Three Legged German Shepherds of Oaktown Pack

We had to pose for some more silly pictures.

Three Legged German Shepherds Wyatt and Travis Ray

Then things got outta control!

And Codie Rae had some serious regulating to do.

Three Legged German Shepherd Smackdown

A good time was had by all.

Get Well Travis Ray

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray sends best wishes to Tripawd Travis Ray after bloat surgery.

I’m sad today.


My Oaktown Pack Homeboy and fellow Tripawd Travis Ray had a big surgery. Mom says he “bloated.” His stomach turned all funny and upside down and he had to go to the hospital reallllly fast. The doctors saved his life by turning his stomach back to the way it was.

Wow. He couldda died. I’m really glad he didn’t. They fixed his stomach but he has a crazy recovery ahead. He could use your hoppy thoughts. Thanks guys!


P.S. Now Mom sayz that I have to get the “gastropexy” surgery so that doesnt’ happen to me. I hate surgeries. But being dead would be worse. Ugh.

Hey Doppelganger, I Know What You’re Up To

Three legged German Shepherds wrassle in Oaktown California during a dog pawty extravaganza.

Yo Mister Austin Ray Dawg. Who you think you are trying to convince my people that you are cooler than I am?

Don’t you be acting all sweet and lovey just cause you’re a Tripawd who needs a new crib. You ain’t foolin me mister, I know you’re just as rowldy as I am when nopawdy’s looking!

Stay tuned for more of my dog pile adventures with the Oaktown Pack!

Codie Rae Regulates the Rockies and Me

Three legged German Shepherd rescue dogs from Northern California visit Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray in Red Feather Lakes Colorado.

I miss my peeps from the ‘hood. Codie Rae, Travis Ray and Smokey B., they’re the original Oaktown Pack who helped me get better after my amputation. I forgot all about that recovery thing when I was hangin’ with my crew! 

Over summer, this crazy posse came up da mountain to see me and we were rockin‘ da house. Codie Rae said I needed some regulating or something, she thought I was outta control. Maybe I was. I think she made her point.

Oaktown Pack Rocks da Rockies

Three legged Oaktown Pack German Shepherds visit Tripawds spokesdawg Wyatt Ray in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.

Just when I got my groove down at the house that doesn’t move, away we go in the dog house on wheels to somewhere really cool for dawgs (bet you want to know where huh?).

But before we left, nopawdy gave me time to tell you about the how da Oaktown Pack rocked the Rockies!

Codie Ray, Travis Ray, Wyatt Ray, Smokey B

There I am, minding my own bidness one afternoon in July, chasing rodents and moose, hangin’ and chillin’ in the cool cool mountains. When all of a sudden, the Tripawds mobile shows up and there’s my homies from Oaktown! No joke dude, they came all the way from Cali for ME! These are the cool dudes that took care of me after I got my leg cut off.

We got down to some serious prey drive fun. You know, barking and sqwirels and chasing deer and raising hell in the trees. We ROCKED!

Haaaa! Whatup with that wussie Travis Ray? He’s got his eyes closed because he’s afraid of the woods! Hah! 

It was dope! I can’t believe they came all the way to see ME. Even when Smokey B. took off and wouldn’t come back (I tole him he was gonna get it!), the humans didn’t get mad. Maybe it was all that WINE they were drinking! Hah! BUSTED!

Way cool to see my buds. I hope they come back again (Mom says “no way are we going to Oaktown in the dog house on wheels!).

Now, hang on and wait till I’ll tell you about where I am NOW. But you gotta wait. OK, don’t pee the floor, you can hold it, I’ll tell you soon, I swear.