Tasty Treats Found on the Road

Three legged Shepherd puppy Wyatt eats a road flare for lunch.

Everyone says puppies are so mischevious, so I thought I’d live up to that rep.

Right now I’m driving up with my pawrents to see Codie Rae, Smokey B., and the adoptable Travis Ray in the mountains. I got bored sitting in the back of my Granddad’s car that we borrowed, and found something really cool to sink my teeth into. Guess what it was?

A first aid kit! Yeah, I found a really cool first aid kit in the back where I’m sitting. The antiseptic didn’t taste so good, but the road flare gave me some good chewing action. I was chomping away when Dad said to Mom, “Uh, I think you’d better check on him…”

And Mom turned around and screamed! I just don’t get what the big deal is. I was calm and quiet and just chomping away on the road flare.

Mom yells “you have three kongs, a tire and a bear, and you still eat the road flare! What’s UP with that?!!!”

She’s on the Internet now, looking for the ingredients in a road flare. I can tell you, it was about as tasty as a piece of bark. I feel pretty good, don’t see why she is so worked up.

Oh what fun, I can’t wait to see my pals and tell them what I found!

But Mom, Why Do We Gotta Leave?

Three legged Oakland dog Wyatt leaves on a road trip in the RV for winter.

I was just getting used to this country life, enjoying all the snow here, when Mom and Dad said “OK, it’s too cold! Time to go Wyatt.”

So they loaded up this big house on wheels, and we left Colorado yesterday. Now we are sitting at a place called a “truck stop” in Utah. I don’t know where we’re going but they say I’m going to like this adventure, “what dog wouldn’t?” they say. 

I’m not sure about this yet. My tummy is all messed up, and I poo’d all over my new house last night. That happened when Mom and Dad went to get dinner after the truck stopped working on the freeway. They locked me into my crate but I wasn’t going to poo in there! So I busted out. Yeah, all you dogs who get locked into those dumb boxes, just ask me how to escape, I’ll teach ya all the tricks! Mine was easy though, I have to admit, my soft crate just needed one good swipe of the paw, maybe two, and I was out. I almost broke all the way through the house screen door too, but Mom and Dad came home before I finished.

It’s a nice morning. Mom cleaned the rig, and now in a little bit we’ll get started moving again. I can’t wait to get out of this truck and run around again.