The Road is My Middle Name

Three legged German Shepherd tripod Wyatt Ray Dawg hits the road in an RV to the California desert.

Ok how’s this: “Wyatt Ray Road Dawg.” What do you think?

We packed up and left my Grandpawrent’s house in Los Angeles last week. Now we are in the desert, by this big stinky lake they call the “Salton Sea.” This place is craaaaaaazy. Lots of kooky campers, some wild desert dawgs, coyotes, and crazy jets zooming around most days. They’re loud but they don’t bug me a bit.

The place we are camped still isn’t as nutty as my Grandpawrent’s house was. Over there they had people coming and going all the time, and lots of little kids who kept running from me. 

They were loud and made me all nervous and jumpy. I had to constantly be on alert there. Every time I barked they got more and more afraid of me. I wasn’t trying to hurt them, I was just being as energetic as they were, you know what I mean?

The funny thing is, they didn’t seem to get that maybe if they didn’t act so afraid of me, I wouldn’t have been so nervous. Duuuuh.

It’s pretty quiet here in the desert, and I like it that way. When dogs do come around, I tend to get pretty excited, but I think I’m getting better at sending silent psychic messages that tell them to be cool, instead of barking my head off.

Oh hey, here’s a picture of me eating these yummy raw rib bones that I got for my BIRTHDAY. Yeah, I turned 1 year old in January! Yipee! Hoppy Birthday to me! My pawrents are so lame, they didn’t make a big deal out of it like some Tripawd pawrents do around here. That’s alright, I’ll forgive them….this time. Maybe next year I’ll get some trachea!

Author: wyattraydawg

I am Wyatt Ray Dawg, Tripawd Extraordinaire, and Leg-A-Cy to my hero, Jerry G. Dawg. My pawrents are Jim and Rene, creators of

14 thoughts on “The Road is My Middle Name”

  1. Hey Wyatt! I knew you were young…I could tell by your looks 😉 Hoppy Birthday Dude! Hey, those bones look far better than beef trachea!!
    Do you like the coyotes? Do you howl back? When I hear them I get pretty excited!!!


  2. Oh man, Wyatt, I can’t believe your pawrents didn’t get you beef trachea for your BIRTHDAY. You totally deserve it. I would send you one if your pawrents would stop moving around so much. Although, Maggie is right, those bones look reeeeaaaalllllyyy tasty. I know what you are talking about with kids. Sometimes they are just a big pain in the rump.

    Hope you are having fun at Slab City with all the kooky campers.



  3. How about “Wyatt Ray Road Flare Dawg”

    I cannot believe we missed your birthday! One year old. Does that mean you are all grown up now?

  4. Hey thanks for the birthday wishes! Yep, I’m telling ya, when we go past the next feed store I’m going to make my dad slam on those trailer brakes and stop for some trachea!

    Tazzie, I love that name! You’re so funny. And Maggie, those coyotes get me a little excited but I haven’t quite figured out the howling thing yet so I can say hello back. Do you know how to howl?

  5. No, I don’t know how to howl back but I bet if my mama held my squeaky toy at the same time and squeaked it while the coyotes were howling, I’d howl then! That’s what I howl for – a squeaky toy! Go figure, huh?!


  6. Hoppy Birthday, Wyatt Ray Road Flare Dawg! (did we get that right?) You made us laugh thinking about sending silent psychic messages to the other dogs so that you didn’t have to bark – maybe you could teach Holly that trick when the mailman comes! Enjoy those bones! And tell your pawrents you definitely deserve some trachea!
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  7. Happy Birthday Wyatt!!! Those rib bones look yummy! Looking forward to seeing some pictures and videos of you on the road!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  8. UNACCEPTABLE! Wyatt, you should so chew up something that belongs to your pawrents. My suggestion is that plastic thing with all the buttons that they are always losing and saying, “Where’s the remote?” I’ll bet you get some beef trachea then, for sure. Opie

  9. Hoppy belated Birthday Wyatt! I can’t believe your pawrents didn’t make a big deal about your birthday, at least you got a giant yummy bone!

    You really need to remind them who is boss and the most important person or dog in that house on wheels!!

    We can’t wait for you to get home to Colorado!


  10. I’m sorry I missed your birthday, Wyatt! So, happy belated B-Day!
    Tell your mommy and daddy to take you for a visit to see me in Vegas! That would be a great birthday gift! I pretty sweet on you since you remind me so much of my Rugby. Me loves my crazy shepherds! Maybe if you fell in love with me like I have you, I could trade you for ugly Monkeypoobutt!

    Hey, I can dream can’t I?

    Yours forever,

  11. Dear Wyatt: Sorry we are so late to wish you a Happy 1st Birthday! We have been so busy here, but my mom is trying to catch up!
    We knew you were young, but 1! Gosh you really are just a pup aren’t you? No wonder you keep your pawrents on their toes!
    I was a complete maniac until about 2!
    I’m sorry those silly kids hurt your feelings. My sister would love to play with you. Do you like to play tug of war? It was one of my favorite games when I was a youngster, but I rarely play that game these days. Once in awhile…My human sister is always playing with our puppy neighbor Maizy and I’m sure she would love to play with you!
    Hang in there big guy. Happy Birthday! Romeo
    p.s. those bones look delicious!

  12. Dang Wyatt, How did we miss your birthday?? I blame it all on my mom–I just can’t keep her in line. But hey! You do too know how to howl, Mom has it on video! Have you forgotten everything Master Howler Smokey B taught you during your stay with us?

    I knew once you got out of LA you would be a happier dawg. Tell your pawrents you won’t go back there until all those people apologize to you.

    Happy Hippy Hoppy belated birthday Wyatt,
    We love you with all our hearts,
    Codie Rae and the Oaktown pack

  13. Wow, I’m still getting birthday wishes? I love you guys! Thanks!

    Comet, I’d love to see you and I’d even stay a while but you can hang onto MonkeyButt.

    Romeo, my Mom says “gee, thanks for making us feel better, does that mean Wyatt’s going to be a maniac for another year?”

    Codie Rae, we love you and Smokey B and Travis Ray too! Come see us in the desert!

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