Trail Dawg

Three legged dog Wyatt Ray shares his road trip adventures in Colorado.

Wyatt Ray Dawg on the TrailWell, like my friend Codie Rae said they would, my pawrents are taking me on the road with them. Right now we are in Western Colorado, at a dude ranch.  There’s horses and dogs and rivers and lakes and I’m just going batty with so much to do here!

Mom and Dad, however think that all this fun I’m having is a bit of a problem.

See, I’m having soooo much fun, that there’s no way that I can stay mellow enough to practice stuff they want me to do, like, oh, “Stay” and “Come!” and my personal favorite, “Drop it!” I also really hate being on a leash because all the other dogs here get to run free, so why can’t I?

Sheesh. Road trippin’ is hard work.

Paws Up to My Tripawd Friends

Three legged Wyatt Ray Dawg parties in Longmont Colorado dog park.

Hey what a great Tripawds pawty we had on Sunday!

There’s nothing so cool as seeing a dog park taken over by we Tripawds. One by one, my pals just kept coming through the gates. It was like a long-lost family reunion. We had so much fun! Four hours of straight play. Man, all of us were completely pooped by the end of the day. Can you imagine? Four hours in a dog park? Crazy!

We even had some reporters there who wrote about the pawty. Check out this link from the Longmont Times-Call newspaper.

Hopefully all you Tripawds out there will throw one of your own pawties in your neck of the woods, so you can become a celebrity in your town too!

Wyatt Ray Dawg is Ready to Pawty

Three legged Wyatt gets ready for Tripawds party in Longmont, Colorado.

Three legged Wyatt Ray Dawg

I am so so excited about the Tripawds pawty on Sunday! I get to meet all sorts of new friends, and Calpurnia the superstar will be there too! Will you?

On Monday, we’re going to work at the ranch in Lake City, CO, where my pawrents worked last year and Jerry got to run the place. Mom and Dad keep telling me how much fun I’ll have. I can’t wait to get there.

If you don’t hear from me for a few days it’s because I’m so doggone tired from all this fun!

And the Mountains go BOOM!

Three legged dog Wyatt tells about his fear of thunder in Colorado.

Tripod Dog Wyatt Hears Thunder in ColoradoIt’s been cloudy and rainy here in Colorado. And yesterday, this huge BOOM! noise like I’ve never heard before came crashing down over my house. Mom said it was called “thunder.”

I sort of freaked out. That noise made me want to run around the house and hide under everything. So I ran a little, hid a little, ran some more, and didn’t calm down until bedtime. Back in Oakland, I heard lots of sirens and explosions and stuff, but they were nothing like this!

Mom and Dad aren’t sure about the best ways to help me get through this. They are going to order the book German Shepherds for Dummies
to see if there’s anything in there about why Shepherds act the way we do. Hopefully there will be something in there about how we can cope with things like this thunder stuff.