The Wiley Riot Turkey Day Smackdown

Three legged tripod German Shepherd Wyatt meets quadpawd GSD Riley in Austin Texas Turkey Day Smackdown.

The Day: Thanksgiving, 2011.
The Place
: Austin Texas
The Facts:
Two crazy Shepherds collide. Who’s the baddest dawg of them all?

So, I’m there to meet this Riley Pup that my Mom is all ga-ga over. He lives in a dog house on wheels too. Mom always talks about him like he’s my twin or something.  I guess his antics are pretty good, like the time he ate a ‘puter or something like that. OK, I gotta admit that’s a kewl stunt, but hey Riley, guess what? I ate a road flare! Top that!

12:30 pm. The match is on!  Let the Wiley Riot Circus Begin!

Growl! Hiss! Snarl! Bark!

Will this dynamite duo get along? Can they contain their killer instincts long enough to try? Only time will tell.

12:35 pm. Alright dude, let’s roll!

What? You say you wanna pawty? Come ON!

12:40 pm. So You’re a Frisbee dawg eh? Well what am I supposed to do with THAT?

I got the Frisbee! I got the Frisbee!

12:45 pm. Look Tripawd, it’s like THIS!

Come on kid, I dare you to grab it!

12:50 pm. The keep away game continues. . .

Should I kill you now or wait until you give up the Frisbee? Hmmmm..

12:55 pm. What-evah. I’m over it.

Can’t we all just get along?

1:00 pm. Truce?

Riley: “This kid ain’t so bad after all.”

Wyatt: “Nyah! Nyah! Nyah! You just wait Riley Dawg!”

To be continued . . .

It’s a Bird? It’s a Plane? It’s the Tripawd Dog Train?

Three legged dog Wyatt Ray sees the heartland of America and his first train.

Oh suuuuure. Traveling is fun? Who says?

Eight hours going across boring Kansas with nothing to do but take a potty break in this one horse town.

Where’s a tornado or some real action when you need it?

Aggggh! What the heck is that? 

Duuuuuude. I’ve never seen one of those things before!
Aggggh! Get me outta here!

Just another day in the life of an Oaktown dawg in the country.


Feelin’ Realllly Good Right Now

Canine amputee Wyatt Ray goes home from surgery at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

It’s good to be home. Did you miss me?

Well, I missed YOU. Mom and Dad told me everypawdy was worried ’cause I was in the hospital for so long. You dudes are the best, thanks for the concern!

But as you can see, I’m doing jussssst dandy right now. Got my Tramadol and my comfy bed, what more can I want?

What The . . . ?

So, you’re wonderin’ what the heck happened? What’s up with the two and a half hour surgery on my stump?

Well, I”ll let Mom and Dad tell you on the “official” Tripawds News Blog. Because I don’t really get it. Something about some foreigner getting into my stump (don’t ask me how they got there) and makin’ everything all icky in there.

No worries dudes and dudettes, I’m all good thanks to my pawesome vet-in-training! Christa Rocks! Colorado State is all that people say it is and more. They were SO nice to me!

Just a few more days with this stupid cone of shame and the hand-grenade on my side, and I’ll be good as new.

Well, maybe when the hair grows back on my stump . . .  and on my weiner! Baaaaahhhh! They shaved my WEINER!

Good night everypawdy. Talk to you soon.


Hoppy Ampuversary to Meeeeee

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray celebrates his two year ampuversary after losing his leg.

July 3, 2009 I was a drooling idiot.

Hey, wher’d my leg go?

Two years later, I’m a hoppy boy, loving life as a Tripawds Spokesdawg and trying soooo hard to be a good dawg. It’s super easy when I get a CHICKEN DINNER! Hah! I’ll do anything for dat!

I keep hearing “oh he’s come such a long way!” but they don’t get it . . . I was never lost in the first place!

I’m WYATT RAY DAWG, Oaktown Pack homeboy and most pawesomest three legged boy in the world. YEAH! Hoppy Ampuversary to meeeee!