Slabber Dawg

Three legged dog Wyat Ray shares his road trip adventure in the Southern California desert at Slab City.

Can’t say I don’t mind this camping thing at Slab City. It’s sunny and kinda warm every day. I get to hang out in the dirt, dig holes and even run around a golf course when Mom and Dad aren’t working.

Seriously. There is a golf course right here in the desert.

It doesn’t have any grass, but who needs grass to chase a ball around?

Tennis balls, golf balls, basket balls, I’m your dawg!

Mom says all this dirt I’m playing in is turning our RV into a dog house.

I say, what’s wrong wth that?

The Road is My Middle Name

Three legged German Shepherd tripod Wyatt Ray Dawg hits the road in an RV to the California desert.

Ok how’s this: “Wyatt Ray Road Dawg.” What do you think?

We packed up and left my Grandpawrent’s house in Los Angeles last week. Now we are in the desert, by this big stinky lake they call the “Salton Sea.” This place is craaaaaaazy. Lots of kooky campers, some wild desert dawgs, coyotes, and crazy jets zooming around most days. They’re loud but they don’t bug me a bit.

The place we are camped still isn’t as nutty as my Grandpawrent’s house was. Over there they had people coming and going all the time, and lots of little kids who kept running from me. 

They were loud and made me all nervous and jumpy. I had to constantly be on alert there. Every time I barked they got more and more afraid of me. I wasn’t trying to hurt them, I was just being as energetic as they were, you know what I mean?

The funny thing is, they didn’t seem to get that maybe if they didn’t act so afraid of me, I wouldn’t have been so nervous. Duuuuh.

It’s pretty quiet here in the desert, and I like it that way. When dogs do come around, I tend to get pretty excited, but I think I’m getting better at sending silent psychic messages that tell them to be cool, instead of barking my head off.

Oh hey, here’s a picture of me eating these yummy raw rib bones that I got for my BIRTHDAY. Yeah, I turned 1 year old in January! Yipee! Hoppy Birthday to me! My pawrents are so lame, they didn’t make a big deal out of it like some Tripawd pawrents do around here. That’s alright, I’ll forgive them….this time. Maybe next year I’ll get some trachea!

See Wyatt Run.

My pawrents just heard that it is -12 degrees in Fernley, Nevada and that it snowed a couple feet there the other day. I sure liked playing in the snow at home, but for staying at an RV Park, that’s ridiculous! I’m sure glad we left when we did.

Here’s another little movie my people of me running when we were still there. Note the lack of ice on the ground!

Flying Away from Fernley, on to California

Three legged RV road dog Wyatt Ray gets ready to hit the road to California and meet Northern California Bay Area Tripawds.

Just when I found something fun to do in Fernley, it was time to go. Such is the life of a Road Dawg.

Loving Life and Being a Good Dawg

Three legged dog Wyatt Ray Dawg shares his happy rescue story and new adopted life.

I remember a time when I had four legs. I was just a little kid back then, with a lot of energy and very soft bones. My people kept me chained up in a yard, and I couldn’t go any farther than the rope I was tied to. They hardly fed me, I was skinny as a stick. Nobody ever walked me, or took me around the ‘hood. It wasn’t a nice place. I started to get angry, and bark at everything.

But now, I know that the world is AWESOME! And there’s lots of ground for a Tripawd like me to cover.

I’ve never been so hoppy in my life. I get home cookin and lots of treats. I go on walks three times a day now, and eat three meals too, which is making me a lot less hyper. Oh, I’m also trying real hard not to say hello with my mouth (for some reason, humans don’t like that, go figure!), but that’s a tough one. I know, you front-leg tripawds are probably going “Dude! You’ve got two front paws, use ’em!”

There’s nothing quite like running free through the trees and the bushes and the rocks. I’m in the desert now with my peeps, but tomorrow I might be in the mountains. We travel around and life is good.

Look out world, I’m just getting started.