Home is Where it’s At

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray Dawg recovers from alient butt lump surgery at Texas A&M Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Hey peoples, did you miss me?

I’m baaaack. Yep, no more hospital food or alien butt probes for me. No matter how much the smarties poked and stuck things in me, they couldn’t figure out what the rump lump was. Do I get bonus points for stumping the geniuses?

It’s kewl to be couch surfing again. My pack is sticking around Texas cause I got two more visits at the v-e-t but I don’t have to stay overnight, they just want to see me because they’ll miss me so much by then.

The only problem now?

These stupid cones are really crampin’ my style!

Geez, how much more humiliation do I have to endure?

Hey Dr. Feelgood, Don’t Forget About Meeee

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt Ray Dawg goes in for exploratory surgery at Texas A&M University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Boy, of all my schemes to squeeze attention from my pawrents, this week’s stunt wasn’t on my radar, I swear! I really didn’t plan to visit an operating room on the same day that Spirit Jerry was getting his leg amputated back in 2006, but sometimes that just how life rolls.

There I was one day last week, having a ball barking and getting into scruffs with the Amazing Tripawd Vizsla, Bart (more on that action-packed adventure when I’m feelin better), when all of a sudden this thing starts growing on my butt and before I knew it, wheeeeeeeee, down the rabbit hole and into surgery with some people that folks call “Aggies.”

Here’s the kicker: I’ve got them geniuses stumped, AGAIN! Haha, just like last year at Colorado State when the smart people couldn’t figure out why my stump had a lump, now I’ve got more Einsteins wondering what the heck is THAT on his BUTT?

It sucks that I have to stay in the hospital until next week, but I’m getting so much love here from all the poor vet students who had to stay in skewl for Thanksgiving. I heard the doc tell my people that maybe next week I can go home. Dang, I hope so, I want some of those turkey leftovers I keep hearing about!

Hey you guys, don’t feel bad for me OK? You go be with your tribe, love each other up on Thanksgiving, and remember, who loves you baby? I do!

Your friend, conspirator, and Sheriff,
Wyatt Ray Dawg


Tripawds Sheriff Coming to Your Town, Let’s Pawty!

Tripawds Midwest and East Coast Winter Tour 2012 visits Greyhounds Rock canine cancer conference and three legged dogs around America.

Well, that is if you live in Kansas, Missouri, Southern Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,the Virginias, the Carolinas, Georgia, Memphis, Mississippi, Loosiana, and the South of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California!

My duties here as Sheriff of this Colorado ranch are done next week, and we’ll be back in the saddle again.

Look for our rollin’ Tripawds dog house on wheels coming to a town near you, starting around October 1.

We’re headed to the Greyhounds Rock Canine Cancer Conference in Virginia! Then out west to stay warm all winter.

And if you got RV parking, even better! Hey I promise to behave myself, I can be The Best Guest Ever!

Wanna pawty? Drop me a line, let’s meet up!

Independence Days with Barney

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt goes on ranch patrol with Barney the purple dinosaur.

I’ve got a new routine now, and it ain’t so bad. You see when the peeps go to work, Barney and I get to ramble on down through the ranch. 

Through the trees, into the sage brush, and up over the mountain we go. Sometimes we mine for gold, and other times we lend Smokey Bear a hand to make sure no fires get started in these parts.

It’s a good life I’d say, although Barney isn’t used to so much walking. Those little legs just don’t go fast enough for my speed. He always wants to take a break when we’ve got work to do. Lazy punk.

 Barney won’t be here for much longer. Check out his Kill BarneyBlog, I think the dude is spent.

He’ll soon be on his way to other places, where he can make some other dogs really happy. He ain’t so bad you know. I might actually miss him a little.

 Maybe Spirit Jerry was on to something. I had fun with that little beast!

Mom and Dad Come to their Senses, Finally

Three legged Wyatt Ray Dawg goes home to the Colorado Rockies.

Yipee! No more thorns, no more heat, no more stinky river water. See ya later Texas!

Oh I’m so glad my pawrents came to their senses. We finally left Texas when the heat got to be too much for us. I’m so glad, I was sweatin’ it up every day and it wasn’t fun with my tongue hanging out all afternoon. Mom kept throwing water on me to cool me off.

So 1,000 miles later, now we’re back in the cool, cool Rocky Mountains at Jerry’s Acres. I am SO glad! There’s no snow but it’s not 99 degrees either. Now, my job is to regulate the Moose that keep coming around. I hate moose but I sure love eating their poo!

I hear that we’re going to try to have a Tripawds Pawty on May 19 in Fort Collins. Anyone care to meet me there? I promise I won’t bite.