My Valentine Said “YES!”

Three legged German Shepherd dogs get married at Dairyland Dog Park ceremony in Southern California.

The love of my life, the apple of my eye, the girl of my dreams, said she will marry me!

Tripawd Hannah is the most beautiful girldog I’ve ever seen. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Whenever I see a picture of her I drool and wag my tail, and then my heart goes flip flop!

And now it’s official. Yes, that’s right, Miss Hannah Carr is gonna be my official lady this Monday. I’m so excited I can’t wait.

Will you join us at Dairyland Dog Park in Southern California, this Monday at noon? There will be lots of kewl dogs and fun and food and we are gonna pawwwwwwwwty! It’s gonna be the wedding of the century!!! Hope to see you there.


I’m Somepawdy in Luckenbach

Three legged Tripawd German Shepherd Wyatt Ray is somebody in Luckenbach Texas.

Well folks, it’s been almost two weeks since I left the Aggies and life is good. I can run and go crazy, no more doctors telling me what I can and can’t do. Look at me! I’m freeeee!

That was me in this tiny Texas town called Lukenbach.
Mom and Dad go there all the time, they like to hear the music.

They say everypawdy is somepawdy in Luckenbach.
Don’t they know I’m somepawdy everywhere I go?

Hey man, I’m with the band!

Well, that’s it for now from Wyatt Ray Dawg’s Universe. What’s new in yours?

See Ya Aggieland

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt is cleared for more road trips by Texas A & M veterinarian specialists.

Today I got the best New Years Day present of all. The good doctors at Texas A&M said me and my people can hit the road again!

AggielandMy butt lump is no more. No swelling, no leaking, no more needles and more pokin’.

Today the doctors said “He looks really good” and I don’t need any more tests.

The only bad thing is I still have to get two and one half pills every day for a month, but that’s all she wrote as far as me being at Aggieland.

Tomorrow, the dog house on wheels is back on the trail.

Look out Bernie Bin Laden, here I come!

Making the Grade with Santa

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt unwraps his Christmas presents.

Hello Tripawds Boys and Girls, did you have a Merry Christmas? I sure hope so cause you deserve it.

Woo hoo! Santa found me! Thank you Santa!

Christmas was exciting. I saw Mom getting all worked up because of these tomato warnings on the radio all morning. She was worried the tomatoes were going to come and get us. I don’t know why she’s so afraid of them, I think they’re yummy.

Santa sez I was a good dawg all year. I got some really cool toys, and even my Oaktown Homies remembered me! Dad says they sent doggie crack in these treats, cause they were so good I wouldn’t give ’em up until Mom put another present in front of me.

When all the unwrapping was over, the tomatoes didn’t get us and I’m so glad. Now I get to play with my new kitty!

I hope Santa was good to you this year. And if you didn’t make his Good Dawg list, well I’ll have a talk with him if you want.


Here I am, Santa!

Three legged German Shepherd Wyatt tells Santa why he’s been a good dog.

Yo Santa, wait for me! Hey Donner! Blizten! Check me out, I can fly too!

I’m ready to fly with the team, I wanna come too!

See, my people dragged me to this place called Texas, where it’s sunny and hot and sure doesn’t look like Christmastime. They tell me you’re coming here in a few days but I’m having a hard time believing that.

Santa, I’ve been such a good boy. Remember my surgery? Well, I sure put up with that real good, didn’t I? I mean all that pokin’ on my butt, and I only growled at one vet tech. And even though the docs say I can’t run around until my next test on January 2nd, I’m keeping my zoomies under control.

I been real good Santa, I promise!

Hope to see you at my doghouse on wheels soon. I’ll have cookies waiting.