My Great Adventure, Colorado to Idaho, Part 1

Three legged Tripawds Spokesdawg Wyatt takes a road trip to meet other tripod dogs from Colorado to Washington and beyond.

With all these miles behind us, now we are in this dark rainy place called Oregon, I’ve been too busy barking my way down the highway to stop and tell you about my adventures, so here goes.


When we were in Colorado, I got to hang with Calprunia, queen of the Tundra and her Odaroloc Sled Team.

Cali, being the Queen, and 15 years old and all, supervised while me and the team ran laps around her estate.

I never get to run like that! Let me tell you, those guys can run!

I thought Calpurnia was so beautiful. She never said anything, but all of her power was in those eyes of hers.

I think I’m in love with an older woman.

A Legend Meets a Legend

Later, I got to hang with this old dude named Eisen.

Mom and Dad were mad because I tried to get him to play by barking and running circles around him, but he would have none of it.

He just tried to play it off like he was some cool dude who didn’t like getting dirty or something. 

Mom said I was disrespectful. After all, Eisen is a 12 year old living legend (like me, right?) and he has lived with osteosarcoma for almost three years now. Oh and Spirit Jerry got to play with him too, so they thought I had to be nice.

That Jerry, always messin’ things up for me. Blah blah blah.

OK OK, I get it, he’s a hero.

But he still didn’t want to play with me, so I was mad.

Going West!

After Eisen and Calpurnia, we went to New Mexico, Arizona Utah and Colorado all in one day. Apparently this marker thing was something very important and showed exactly where I was, so Mom and Dad made me sit on it.

Then it was hours, and hours of driving, and more driving. I don’t know how Dad does that. Mom just sits there with yarn and these sticks of some sort, moving them around.

When I wasn’t asleep I was at truck stops and gas stations, saying hello (“BARK!”) to everypawdy to announce my arrival.

Crossing the Snake River

After a while, we got to this place called IDAHO….


hahahaha! I kill myself!

And with that note, I’ll paws for now and save my best stories for next time, when I got to meet the one, the only, James the Poodle! (Who I was very, very good around!).

My Fan Club Awaits

Three legged spokesdog Wyatt Ray gets ready to hit the road on Tripawds West Coast Tour.

It’s so cool that there are people reading my blog. Thank you for stopping by to give me the “Paws Up!”

You guys are getting me all teary-eyed with your fan letters. Thank you, thank you.

I’m just chilling here at home, watching Mom and Dad do things to the dog house on wheels. They keep talking about going somewhere warm and to see friends on the coast.  I think I remember what that is. It involves water, which I HATE, but it’ll be fun seing my Tripawd peeps.

I’ll miss my skewl class though. Mom said I’m going to get homeskeweled when we take off in the big dog house.

The other day there was snow on the ground, but it didn’t even last long enough for Mom and Dad to take a picture of me trying to eat it. Bummer, all I got was mostly dirt in my mouth. I barely got to taste the snow.

It’s supposed to snow here sometime, but just not this week. As soon as it does though, Mom says we’re outta here. I’m looking foward to being a road dawg again.

See you on the West Coast everypawdy! Here I come!

Who Needs a Babysitter?

Three legged dog Wyatt Ray goes to Doggy Day Care in Fort Collins CO.

Ever since I got to Colorado with my new pack, we’ve been inseperable. In fact, there’s probably only been one time when we were apart more than two hours!

Finally, my pawrents gave me some real alone time, but not at home. . . at a doggy day care!

They went to some all-day bike ride thing, and since they don’t have a trailer for me (yet!), I couldn’t come along.

What’s up with that? I thought dogs were welcome everywhere in town? Mom and Dad didn’t want to leave me at home because we live an hour from anywhere, so it was off to the babysitter for me.

I was not pleased. I mean, I am waaaaay too big for that kind of thing.

Before I could go to the sitter, Mom and Dad took me to the vet for a squirt of water up my nose and a checkup. NOT cool.

I thought this babysitting thing was going to suck, but guess what? I had a blast! The sitter was a big place where I got to hang out in a comfy room of my very own (no kennels for big dawgs!), and crash a big dawg pawty too. 

I was there for eight whole hours. Mom says she was nervous and kept wondering if I would try to eat a Shitzhu again or hurt myself.

When my humans finally picked me up that night, I showed them that no amount of time at a pet hotel could wear me out, no way.

 I left the place barking my head off, doing my best Arnold impawsonation, shouting

“I’llllll beeeeeee baaaaaack!”

Look What I Can Do!

Three legged amputee rescue German Shepherd dog Wyatt Ray goes to American Dog School in Fort Collins.

I can sit with other dogs. And not try to eat them!

I’m still going to dog skewl in town. The Belt Buckle says I graduated from basic classes (whatever that means) and now I just go every Saturday morning to group therapy.

All us dogs get together and we do things like parade around eachother, sit, stand, stay, blah, blah blah.

There are all sorts of dogs there, even little ones, but mostly it’s a big dawg thang. We get along pretty good, except for one poor guy named Wyley who keeps trying to pick fights.

Dad and Mom say I’m not the worst dog in the class, and they’re right! There are dogs worse than me! Before I started going to class, I couldn’t be anywhere near other dogs without letting them know I’m The Sherriff. Now, I still have to let them know I’m coming, but once I get there I really don’t feel the need to keep announcing my presence. I’m big and bad enough they know I’m there.

 This skewls pretty kool, I can go to as many classes as I want to, for as many years as we want. Mom says we’ll be going forever, this skewl things is supposed to keep me in shape!

My Independence Day

Three legged German Shepherd dog Wyatt celebrates one year anniversary of his leg amptuation.

July 2nd, 2009. One year ago today, I broke free from the shackles of my oppressor. It cost me my leg, but the good people at the German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California made sure that I found the right pack to help me transition to the Tripawd lifestyle.

Like any self-respecting dawg would, I never looked back at my old life. Once I joined the Tripawds pack, I got swept up into foster care, and when my new parents took me in, I couldn’t believe my good luck.

No more being tied to a rope all day, no more concrete back yard in the ghetto. I busted out of hell and now, one year later, I know I’m in heaven.

In one year, I’ve learned to walk, run and create a ruckus on three legs. I’ve gotten to see a lot of cool places, and now here I am, living at Jerry’s Acres in Colorado.

Tonight as I stretch out on the comfy rug next to Dad, I really am pretty thankful. Sometimes I don’t show it, but now that I’m older (17 months tomorrow!),  I let Mom hug me and squeeze me and smush my face with her kisses. I didn’t used to let her do that, you know. I didn’t want any creepy humans to touch me, I wasn’t sure if they would tie me to a rope or what. 

But now, I think this good life is making me soft. And the Belt Buckle is teaching me that a strong pack is a good pack.

Mom said something about a big piece of beef waiting for me in the freezer for my ampuversary dinner. Yum! Gotta run!

Hoppy Ampuversary to Meeeeeeeee! 

Oh, if you’re wondering what kind of present to get me for my ampuversary, all I want is for more pups to find pawesome furever homes like I did. We dogs have a lot to teach you crazy humans, so get out there and help us find homes, will ya?