Two’s the Magic Number

Three legged Shepherd Wyatt celebrates his two year old birthday.

Well, at least it is when you’re two years old, like I am today.

Uh huh, who’s got a birfday today? I do, that’s who.

Sherriff Wyatt is officially a two year old. My Mom says I definitely act like a two year old. That must mean she’s real proud of me.

Hoppy Burfday to me! Hoppy Burfday to me! Hoppy Burfday Mister Cool Dawg. Hoppy Birfday to meeeeeee!

Now, where did the Birfday Bunny put my present?

Who’s Chewing Who?

Three legged amputee Shepherd Wyatt works hard at the Doggy Olympics in Fort Collins and plays with his Mastiff and Golden Retriever buddies.

Last weeked my pawrents got me up extra early to work at a “Doggie Olympics” in Fort Collins.

It was a place where dogs competed for things like who could catch a hot dog from the farthest distance. My kinda games!

But I wasn’t there to play, I was there to work! Can you believe that?

We had a table there with all sorts of stuff telling everypawdy how pawesome Tripawds are. Mom and Dad were excited because it was the first big dog event that Tripawds was ever “officially” attending.

OK, I know I’m the official Tripawds Spokespup, but sheesh don’t I get Sundays off?

I was kinda cranky and barky at first, having to stand on my buja board to show everyone what Tripawds could do.

There I was, working my tail off (which is hard to do since it’s so long it hits the ground!), from out of nowhere,  my jolly giant buddy Titus showed up.

I flew off that buja contrapion and we wrestled real good! Titus is my most absolute favorite buddy in the world. 

Nobody plays better than he does!

Can you see how big this boy is? That’s his leg wrapped around me? Don’t worry, he’s not hurting me, he’s actually a decent wrestling buddy who doesn’t play mean, ever.

Then, just when we got all tired out, guess who showed up?

My favorite chew toy, Rhys!

Wouldn’t you know it though, Rhys isn’t the little puppy anymore. No, he’s actually pretty darn big, almost as big as me, and he’s catching up to Dillon real quick.

I know Spirit Tripawd Peyton is looking down on that boy, as amazed as we are that he grew so much in just a few weeks.

Next time I see Rhys, he might be even bigger than me. Hah! We’ll see who throws who down next time.

Care to place your bet?

Look What I Can Do!

Three legged amputee rescue German Shepherd dog Wyatt Ray goes to American Dog School in Fort Collins.

I can sit with other dogs. And not try to eat them!

I’m still going to dog skewl in town. The Belt Buckle says I graduated from basic classes (whatever that means) and now I just go every Saturday morning to group therapy.

All us dogs get together and we do things like parade around eachother, sit, stand, stay, blah, blah blah.

There are all sorts of dogs there, even little ones, but mostly it’s a big dawg thang. We get along pretty good, except for one poor guy named Wyley who keeps trying to pick fights.

Dad and Mom say I’m not the worst dog in the class, and they’re right! There are dogs worse than me! Before I started going to class, I couldn’t be anywhere near other dogs without letting them know I’m The Sherriff. Now, I still have to let them know I’m coming, but once I get there I really don’t feel the need to keep announcing my presence. I’m big and bad enough they know I’m there.

 This skewls pretty kool, I can go to as many classes as I want to, for as many years as we want. Mom says we’ll be going forever, this skewl things is supposed to keep me in shape!

Dig My Whirling Walk in the Desert

Three legged German Shepherd dog Wyatt shows us how he walks with the Gentle Leader.

You can’t say I don’t know how to occupy myself. See, I’ve been digging these great huge holes out here in the desert, trying to find out what’s underneath all this dirt.

Mom and Dad don’t seem to care too much ever since they heard that digging is good exercise for a Tripawd’s wrists. Plus, it’s not like there’s any grass here to ruin or anything (well, except this fake stuff). So when my pawrents working on whatever it is they do, I’m doing my investigations.

 Ok, now my Mom wants you to know that she knows that rope on my harness looks bad, but she and Dad keep a close eye on me and don’t let me stay on it unsupervised or get tangled up in it. Except of course, when I can’t stop them because I’m having a freak out.

Little do they know my evil plan . . . whenver I freak out, Mom and Dad have to stop what they’re doing, and take me for a WALK!  Bwwwwaaaaahhhh ha ha!

Wiley Riley’s Life Lessons

Smart Shepherd Riley teaches dogs how to get new toys.

Speaking of yummy toys . . . my Sheppie friend Riley just did something that probably has us all beat.

He ate his Mom’s laptop and power cord! Not even my road flare trick or Codie Rae can top that one.

Geez, he was just trying to help her by getting rid of that box that makes her so mad all the time. His Dad didn’t scold him too bad though since Wiley Riley was smart enough to not get caught in the act. But later, check this out; his Mom came home with a new chew toy for him!

Hahahahaha! We Sheppies are the smartest dogs ever!

Class, Pay Attention!

Chew a toy of Mom and Dad’s + Don’t Get Caught = More Toys!

I think maybe Riley should come here and share some of his other lessons with us, don’t you?