Three legged German Shepherd dog Wyatt Ray loves swimming in the rivers and playing in the snow.

Just last month I was swimming in a river on a hot day in Utah, having a ball.

Mom said “Be careful!” because the water was very fast.
So Dad kept me on my leash.

See, three legged dogs can swim! I told you.

Just when I thought summer was here . . .
We got on the road and went to Colorado.

And it was winter again!

Wheeeeeee! I love love love snow. I wish every day was winter.

Road Dawg Merit Badge. Check.

Tripawds Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray looks back on his winter RV traveling lifestyle.

When is a dog a Road Dawg? When he gets hauled all over the place for months and months. Like me.

What a winter it’s been. From Virginia to Texas. Then the prickly Arizona desert with mean thorns that stab your paws and make you stop in your tracks.

To the windy and hot sands of Southern California deserts.

There was a time when so much moving around would make my head spin and I’d go bonkers. I like things in order you know? I don’t know why my people like to move their doghouse around so much. They say it keeps things interesting. Humans are so weird. Life is about Order, isn’t it?

I don’t know why we live like we do and I probably never will. But now that I’ve been on the road for 3.5 years, I get that it doesn’t matter where my doghouse is, as long as my pack is safe and secure. No matter where I am, I do my job and I do it well. I don’t let things freak me out like I used to, because after all, that gets in the way of my responsibilities  Now I understand that if I stay in order, everything else does too.

And that’s why Momma sez I’ve earned my Road Dawg Merit Badge. Wooohoo!

On. Leash. Every. Day.

Three-legged Wyatt Ray goes to the East Coast, misses playing sheriff and roaming Colorado aspen forests.

Dang I just love all the purty leaves on the ground. It’s so much fun to roll around and do my Devil Dog impression, as Mom calls it.

How come the leaves don’t fall all year long? Wheeeee! This is FUN!

That was then. In Colorado.

Now that we’re on the road and in a place called Virginia, for some big deal next week with greyhound packs, I can’t run like this anymore.

From here on out, it’s all about being on-leash and trying to behave myself. On. Leash. Every. Day. Yuck!

This East Coast place is so full of people, there’s no roaming like a buffalo for me, like when I was the sherrif on the ranch in Colorado.

But that’s OK. Because every time I ack like the Sherrif, and I get all barky because I hate the leash, Mom gets all nervous and she stuffs treats in my face to make me shut my trap.  Like she did here at Treats Unleashed in this town called Columbia, Missouri, where Tripawd Daisy lives.

This leash thing might not be so bad after all. East Coast, I’m ready for ya.

Are YOU ready for ME?

Tripawds Sheriff Coming to Your Town, Let’s Pawty!

Tripawds Midwest and East Coast Winter Tour 2012 visits Greyhounds Rock canine cancer conference and three legged dogs around America.

Well, that is if you live in Kansas, Missouri, Southern Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,the Virginias, the Carolinas, Georgia, Memphis, Mississippi, Loosiana, and the South of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California!

My duties here as Sheriff of this Colorado ranch are done next week, and we’ll be back in the saddle again.

Look for our rollin’ Tripawds dog house on wheels coming to a town near you, starting around October 1.

We’re headed to the Greyhounds Rock Canine Cancer Conference in Virginia! Then out west to stay warm all winter.

And if you got RV parking, even better! Hey I promise to behave myself, I can be The Best Guest Ever!

Wanna pawty? Drop me a line, let’s meet up!

Mom and Dad Come to their Senses, Finally

Three legged Wyatt Ray Dawg goes home to the Colorado Rockies.

Yipee! No more thorns, no more heat, no more stinky river water. See ya later Texas!

Oh I’m so glad my pawrents came to their senses. We finally left Texas when the heat got to be too much for us. I’m so glad, I was sweatin’ it up every day and it wasn’t fun with my tongue hanging out all afternoon. Mom kept throwing water on me to cool me off.

So 1,000 miles later, now we’re back in the cool, cool Rocky Mountains at Jerry’s Acres. I am SO glad! There’s no snow but it’s not 99 degrees either. Now, my job is to regulate the Moose that keep coming around. I hate moose but I sure love eating their poo!

I hear that we’re going to try to have a Tripawds Pawty on May 19 in Fort Collins. Anyone care to meet me there? I promise I won’t bite.